I came to Sunny when my anxiety was at its highest. She helped me to turn inwards and start facing the things that are scary in order to move forward. If you’re wanting to heal, she’s your girl. Thank you Sunny for your love and open arms. You always have a way to make me feel comfortable.
— Samantha S.

My experience with Sunny was absolutely incredible. The atmosphere she exudes is just pure grace and acceptance. I felt many emotions during my session, and she was able to help me with aligning them properly. What happened following my session was amazing. What no longer served me was gone, and I felt poised to begin again. She is a healer, a friend and an incredible reiki master and I cannot wait for my next session with her.
— Shelby B.

I have always been a positive person and tried to give off that energy to everyone around me - however, my anxiety drained me and who I was. I felt like I had to constantly put extra effort and energy into showing up as that same person in front of everyone even when I was at a low. Reiki really helped me become grounded and helped me with my anxiety. I have finally been able to sleep too!!! Sunny is amazing!! Thank you for helping me, never felt better girl πŸ’œπŸ’œ 😊😊
— Artimes Z.

Sunny is a spirited and intuitive soul that is driven to support and facilitate healing in her clients. She is motivated to help each person open their perspective to the positive side of any situation so they can rest assured that the universe is always conspiring to help them. Sunny was very clear, direct and gentle with my reading, offering me wisdom and insight that empowered me in every way. I am so delighted with her work, would highly recommend.
— Maryna N.

There was a sense of uplifting from the very first moment that I closed my eyes and sat down with Sunny. The Reiki she performed felt regenerative, healing, and energizing. Sunny helps reconnect you with your own journey as you take a moment to feel the light. When my dad was ill with cancer, I felt that any little bit of positive energy would help. Sunny did some Distance Reiki, and while my dad was not able to speak at the time, I hoped he had a healing moment as we all surrounded him with our shining hearts. I believe in Emerging Reiki, and would like to learn more about Reiki as it could be helpful in every encounter we connect with.
— Waleed A.