Become a Healer


Becoming a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher


Intention is everything.

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So, what does it mean to become a healer?
Connecting to your inner light; connecting with your mind, body and soul consciously, mindfully and intuitively. We all have this light within us, Reiki Training simply activates the flow of energy within us allowing us to heal ourselves, friends and family, animals and others. Reiki allows us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be; allowing our vibrant light to shine while sharing it with others.


We're here to build a web; we're here to WORK TOWARDS COMPLETING OUR JOURNEY.


Top 5 Questions about becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner, Healer and Teacher

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How DO i know if i'm ready?

There really is no right answer - asking yourself the right questions can help guide you on your spiritual journey or path in life.

Are you currently on a journey of self discovery?

Are you looking to connect deeper with yourself and the universe?

Are you passionate about helping others on their journey?

What is your intuition telling you when you think about healing others, helping others, guiding others and creating a positive impact?

Are you committed and dedicated to your spiritual growth?


My intuition told me that this is my purpose in life. It gravitated my soul towards Reiki.
I am here to help heal, mentor and guide others on their journey.

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