Combining the higher power and life force energy to heal the mind, body and soul.




Healing the mind, body and soul through the use of healing symbols, crystal energy and spiritually guided life force energy.

Crystal healing

Healing and aligning the chakras through the use of Earth's gems and each of their unique healing properties.


Aura cleansing

 Cleansing the aura helps keep our energy levels up, our minds clear and our moods happy.

Energy Work & Science


When we talk about energy in physics, we refer to objects that can be transferred to other objects or converted into a different form. Energy in the human body works in a similar way, where energy can be transferred through different objects, places and people. If we go a bit deeper into this topic, energy can be transferred through emotions,
vibrations and frequency.


we are composed
of energy

Our cells, tissues and organs produce electricity which is generated by chemical processes in our nerve cells.
When looking at this from a physics perspective, we have a magnetic field around the body - an Aura.


Electromagnetic Activity & Our Emotions

Out of all of our major organs, our heart emits the largest electromagnetic field.
The electromagnetic field that our organs produce can change based on how we are feeling, what we are thinking and the different emotions we experience throughout
the day. Think of it as a piece of code - each piece of code is different for every emotion. If we are experiencing an all-time high on life, our electromagnetic field is
radiant, extraordinary and positive.


Have you ever wondered why or how someone else's emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions impact you? For example, you meet someone for the first time, their energy isn't something you exactly vibe with and the only way you can explain it is "we just didn't click". That's your body sending you messages, signals and vibrational patterns letting you know that the "chemistry" just isn't there. 


Healing every cell in your body


connect, ground & heal 

I came to Sunny when my anxiety was at its highest. She helped me to turn inwards and start facing the things that are scary in order to move forward. If you’re wanting to heal, she’s your girl. Thank you Sunny for your love and open arms. You always have a way to make me feel comfortable.
— Samantha S.

explore the healing effects
of Reiki

My experience with Sunny was absolutely incredible. The atmosphere she exudes is just pure grace and acceptance. I felt many emotions during my session, and she was able to help me with aligning them properly. What happened following my session was amazing. What no longer served me was gone, and I felt poised to begin again. She is a healer, a friend and an incredible reiki master and I cannot wait for my next session with her.
— Shelby B.

Interested in
Learning Reiki?


Reiki is a powerful healing tool that has been used for centuries to help heal people, animals and even plants! Manifesting dreams, goals and desires becomes amplified - with the power in your hands, manifesting abundance in anything becomes real at a faster rate. Becoming a Reiki Master means being able to heal yourself, loved ones, animals, plants
and essentially everything and everyone you wish to heal!